About Me

Actress*Loving Wife*Proud Cat Mummy*Lover of all things elegant & sparkly*Animal Activist
Being an avid fan of the Real Housewives franchise, especially New York and Beverly Hills, I have a love for all things sparkly, elegant and extravagant. 
This is balanced by the level of serenity I also need in life, reflected in the neutral tones I favour in house furnishings. 
I express my appreciation for the Moroccan culture, where I favour more exotic colours, textures and artefacts in our office, where the creativity usually happens.
I am also fascinated with the supernatural/spirit world and avidly watch anything to do with it including both drama and people’s real life experiences of it.
I love crime fiction and a huge fan of the James Patterson books. 
His ability to effectively demonstrate the contrast in, protagonist Michael Bennett as a kind father, with his tough no nonsense demeanour as a New York City cop. 
Reading in general is one of my absolute favourite pastimes especially on holiday where I can often be found sitting on the beach or by the pool with a good book.
I am intrigued by history and the Royal Family. 
I have subsequently spent many weekends exploring National Trust, Royal and historical properties with my husband. 
For someone who was never very good at history at school but fascinated by it today, I find such series are informative as well as entertaining.
Animal rights is a cause at the centre of my heart. 
I would be as happy working to enforce animal rights throughout the world as I would be indulging my passion for travel, Real Housewives style, to far flung culture rich destinations.
I absolutely love cats, our own fur baby being the centre of mine and my husband’s world.
Enjoy my website which includes any updates about my latest work that I’m able to share with you, the latest programmes and music I’ve enjoyed as well as all things animal friendly.